“Social media is a bad idea – the rise of social media has caused more and more problems like Internet addiction, social isolation, and invasion of privacy – especially with the young generation!”

The key to get hook on social media is dopamine.

You’ve probably heard of dopamine as the pleasure hormone, which makes you happy. However this is not entirely true.

What dopamine actually does is encourage us to look for stuff.

As the folks at Team W explain:

From an evolutionary stand-point this is critical. The dopamine seeking system keeps us motivated to move through our world, learn, and survive. It’s not just about physical needs such as food, or sex, but also about abstract concepts. Dopamine makes us curious about ideas and fuels our searching for information.

Dopamine makes us what to look for new stuff. Twitter and Facebook are veritable goldmines of new stuff. Lets say you are scrolling through twitter. There’s one more trick that Twitter has up its sleeve, which makes it even more powerful: unpredictability. Sometimes you’ll go on Twitter and Facebook, and your mind is blown. Boom! Sometimes you’ll have a ton of notifications. Again, this sends a flood of dopamine to your brain.Other times, it’s a slow day (or a slow five minutes). Nothing much interesting. No notifications.

This unpredictability stimulates dopamine.


It is hard for us to leave our phone aside even for just 10mins. We are constantly glued to our phone screen, whether we are dining with friends, watching movie or in the classroom.

There a few advice I would like to share for those social media addicts.

That could mean:

  • Getting out into the real world and meeting new people.
  • Finding a job that’s meaningful and purposeful (that doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your current job – it can just mean subtle changes, or a new attitude)!
  • Reading books – especially those outside your main field of interest.
  • Trying a new sport.
  • Cooking a different meal.

All these take more investment than checking social media, and so are more beneficial to your daily lifestyle.

Social media can have a negative impact on those individuals who engage in it too much. It can also lead to problems for society as a whole due to lost productivity and the breakdown of community spirit. The fact that this type of addiction can also trigger mental health problems will also put pressure on the NHS. The worry is that as social media use becomes even more prevalent than drinking, it will lead to increasing problems.


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